Comments from happy clients

“I think you’ve done a fantastic job making [this] poster into a really fun and dramatic work of art. The colors are terrific. Even the peppermint stripes match our logo! Thank you again, Annette! I couldn’t be happier!”

Kerry Cork, Staff Attorney, Public Health Law Center at Mitchell Hamline School of Law

“A masterpiece, Annette!!!! Everything about the layout is perfect, and we thank you for thinking it through so thoroughly, keeping the text blocks together, creating the harmony with our other pieces, and designing such an effective brochure.”

Jan Irwin, editor, CorpComm Services

“You are on a roll and I’m loving the outcome. Thank you again for your creativity!”

Lundu Wright, Manager, Talent Acquisition, Human Resources, ICMA-RC

“You are much appreciated by our team!”

Natasha Frost, Staff Attorney, Public Health Law Center at Mitchell Hamline School of Law

“Thanks Annette — everything looks great! You always deliver!”

Vanessa Waller-Jones, Human Resources Programs Manager, ICMA-RC

“Thanks for all you do for the presentation design team — we value you as a very talented partner of ours.”

Walt Ruckes, Presentation Manager, BI Worldwide

“I wanted to thank you for the great work that you put into the presentation. Hopefully I will have a chance to work with you again.”

Michael A. Hurley, Vice President, Hanley Wood Marketing

“Annette Price — our top-notch, bar-none, top-shelf, go-to production artist — is totally available and ready to get to work for you. She impresses every client we put her in front of and now it’s time for her to impress YOU!”

Zak Brown, Account Manager, The Creative Group

“Your dedication and the level of professionalism you brought to Amtrak Ink was demonstrated through the early and late hours that you put in. Your ‘designer’s eye’ produced layouts that were clean and easy to read, which helped us convey our message to our readers. Your attention to detail, as noted by your consistent application of style practices and your thorough copy corrections, has been invaluable.”

Leslie Beers, Manager, Employee Communications, Amtrak