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I work with the  Public Health Law Center  at the  Mitchell Hamline School of Law  to keep their publications, graphics and signage fresh and engaging.

About phlc

PHLC is a national non-profit organization of law and policy specialists helping health leaders, officials, and advocates use the law to advance public health.

About this project

One of the Center’s current efforts focuses on menthol as a flavoring agent in cigarettes and other tobacco products. This four-foot-by-three-foot poster traveled to several public health conventions across the country to help educate attendees about the problems posed by menthol.

Many don’t realize menthol’s role in promoting tobacco use. Its cooling properties, which make it a popular additive in toothpaste, cold remedies, and peppermint candies, also cut the harshness of tobacco smoke and irritating nicotine in cigarettes. Tobacco manufacturers have used menthol cigarettes for years to target vulnerable populations. In fact, according to national surveys, menthol cigarettes are the source of addiction for nearly half of all teen smokers. Menthol cigarettes are also used disproportionately in communities of color.

Client comment

I think you've done a fantastic job making [this] poster into a really fun and dramatic work of art. The colors are terrific. Even the peppermint stripes match our logo! Thank you again, Annette! I couldn't be happier!

Kerry Cork, Staff Attorney, Public Health Law Center at William Mitchell College of Law