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The  Saint Paul Area Council of Churches  (now Interfaith Action of Greater Saint Paul) brought me on-board in 2010 to bring a fresh eye to ongoing efforts to communicate their mission and goals. One of these projects was revamping the Council’s Faith Works newsletter, a publication almost as old as the Council itself.

About the Council

The Council unites the people, resources, and voices of the faith community to build a more just, safe and livable East Metro Twin Cities for all.

About this project

This redesign focused almost entirely on user friendliness. What previously had been text-dense and many-paged became short and sweet, as well as more colorful, more engaging — just more fun.

The Council has wonderful programs, many children-oriented, and has no shortage of inspiring and energetic imagery, it was time to put it to good use!

We switched Faith Works from a bi-monthly publishing schedule to five times a year and cut the page count in half (from eight pages to four), while at the same time going from two-color to full color. One of the issues is combined with their annual report, also serving to save money while reaching an ever-broader audience with the latest updates about the Council’s activities.