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As with the other Hazelden projects, I had a lot of fun with the design and working on the Strategic Plan logo concept, design and supporting materials with Hazelden Communications staff members, including writer Teri Ryan and production manager Dawn Carlson.

About Hazelden

Hazelden helps people, families, and communities struggling with alcohol abuse, substance abuse, and drug addiction transform their lives.

About this project

Logo development is always challenging and fun. The design also had to convey a great deal of information at a glance. The idea was one could “zoom in” on an area of the plan to gain greater detail and level of understanding.

As with all the Hazelden projects I’ve done, I worked closely with Teri to develop this concept, back and forth which is always rewarding professionally and makes the result much improved for it.

The logo is ready for application in a variety of formats, and I provided Hazelden with a couple shown here: a one-sheet summary document and a PowerPoint template [the summary document has lorem ipsum text in place to preserve confidentiality]. I also designed a wallet card, a discussion sign-in sheet, a comment card, a talking points guide for team leaders, a FAQ handout, and a pocket folder to hold all the materials.